BLOOM Lisbon. Eggs Royale, with cured salmon, avocado, and Hollandaise sauce.
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Lisbon Brunch in BLOOM

I’d been thinking about going to BLOOM ever since I walked past it one morning when we lived in neighbouring Santos – the area my partner and I stayed in when we first moved to Lisbon. It’s a small but…

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Whats hot in Portugal 2016
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What’s hot in Portugal

As well as generally being an amazing place to pass the time, Portugal offers some particularly alluring hotspots. These places get circled on the calendar for various reasons, whether for events and festivities or evolving travel trends. So what are…

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Lisbon aerial panorama over Praco do Comercio waterfront square Portugal
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Discovering Lisbon’s hidden gems

Lisbon has both narrow winding laneways and wide bustling streets; modern establishments set within ancient buildings; little-known gems nestled around the corner from well-known tourist destinations. So when it comes to experiencing the best of it you just have to…

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Portugal Festivals
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Portugal’s famous festivals

Portugal’s diverse cultural heritage and strong religious beliefs can be seen in its countless festivals celebrated throughout the year across the country. A combination of religious origin combined with sharing fine Portuguese food around large festival tables make for wonderfully…

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