Pego do Inferno, Tavira

Portugal is blessed with a diverse landscape dotted with some of the most breathtaking towns, villages and castles. Heres our top selection:

  • Lisbon: One of the oldest cities in the world, Lisbon is stooped in history and this is clearly demonstrated with the numerous old building dotted around the city, along with traces of civilizations such as Pre-Celtic tribes, Phoenician, Romans, etc. This happy and colorful city has a huge list of activities that to do. From visiting São Jorge Castle to watching a Fado show during a wonderful Portuguese dinner, Lisbon wont disappoint.
  • Sintra: Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sintra is well known by its charming and romantic 19th century monuments. Sintra is part of a Natural Park, surrounded of castles and palaces. Quite simply, a beautiful ancient place to visit rooted in rich Portuguese history and heritage.
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  • São Miguel Island – Azores: In the middle of the Atlantic ocean, rises a beautiful volcano island with black cliffs of lava stone, covered in strong green, contrasting beautifully with the blue sea below. The island of São Miguel, part of the 9 islands of the Azores archipelago, is the biggest island and holds the capital city, Ponta Delgada. Have a close encounter with nature, hiking to the top of the Lagoa do Fogo Volcano or down to the beautiful lake inside its crater. Have a hot bath in the volcano springs or simple watch the whales around the island.
  • Madeira: Located in the Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal, Madeira is an archipelago claimed by the Portuguese in 1419. It’s composed by the Madeira Island, Porto Santo and some smaller islands. Located close to the African coast, gives it privileged warm weather many sunny days and a constant clear blue sky. The island of Porto Santo is the main attraction, with a beach to die for – miles and miles of beautiful white sand.
  • Porto: Located along the Douro River estuary, this enchanting town dates its history back to 300BC with Pre-Celtic and Celtic people being the first known inhabitants. The architectural heritage as well as the cuisine, attracts thousands of tourists every year. However wine production is still one of the biggest draws to the city, with decades of knowledge and expertise, producing some of the worlds finest wines.
  • Albufeira: Located in the Algarve, south of Portugal, Albufeira has being attracting thousands of sun seeking tourists for many years. Not only for its fantastic beaches but great nightlife and many places to eat out.
  • Cascais: This lovely coast town is only located 30KM from. Known mostly as the Portuguese Royal Family’s holiday destination, that also hosted numerous princes and other royal families. Historically, there are remnants of settlement from the Paleolithic era. Even with such rich history, and many well-preserved buildings, Cascais is quite a modern city with a great nightlife and many excellent restaurants and bars.
  • Portimão: Is one of the most popular destinations in the Algarve and has developed into a strong tourist center due to its beaches and many local activities. Although its routes are historical, you wouldn’t realise this with its modern resorts, hotels, and countless contemporary buildings.
  • Porto Covo: Located on the western Alentejo coast, 170 km south of Lisbon, Porto Covo is an enchanting little village with beautiful, well-preserved beaches. Porto Covo attracts many tourists not only for the white sandy beaches and beautiful cliffs, but also the historic village with ancient Portuguese architecture.
  • Sagres: Dramatic scenery sets Sagres apart from many places to visit. Located at the most western place in Europe and also known as the end of the world. Where land ends and the sea starts. With its beautiful high cliffs, Sagres has a unique landscape as well as some amazing beaches. It has milder temperatures than other parts of the Algarve thanks to the Atlantic winds.

Now we know the above is subjective and believe me there are many other fascinating places to visit. Add a comment if you want to open a discussion. Whatever you do, enjoy Portugal!