Do you ever feel like you spend more time planning a holiday than actually being on one?

From a personal perspective I probably spend less time than my wife. Its something i pointed out recently after witnessing her spend hour after hour, day after day, evening after evening on the laptop. Tabs open – flights, villas, south, central and the north. Every configuration thought off, meticulously researched and considered.

And even when booked, its only a temporary booking as minds get changed from further research! Crikey I said! How much time are you intending to spend on this seven day trip? The obvious answer is that she just likes it, no she loves it. The whole process of research to find the best possible place, at the best possible price. I think she gets more of a kick out of it than actually getting there. Which isn’t too hard to imagine when you can live a little in fantasy and anticipation, as opposed to the stark reality of being on holiday with 2 kids under 5 and 12 year old come teenager. Lets just say it can be stressful. So perhaps doing the trip in your mind can be a bit better. Oh well, they will grow out of it (we hope!).

Myself? Well i’m more of a last minute holiday booker. I really don’t want to spend more time planning the thing than actually being on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love trips over to Portugal and naturally spend an inordinate amount of time reading and researching this beautiful, somewhat undiscovered country at the southern tip of Europe. But then I have a vested interest in sharing all it has to offer through this and other websites. But I do like the adventure of the unknown, taking a few risks and seeing what happens. Either way it will make for a bit of fun, and at least the food is great, the wine even better.

Maybe we’re not usual in our different approaches. Perhaps there is always one partner in the relationship who spends months planning a holiday, whilst the other is, well, lazy! (that would be me then!). If we took my ‘wing it’ approach to everything we’d probably be homeless and penniless, so having at least one of you that has a sensible head makes sense. Its the balance of things. So in trying to address this I have got my wife to put the laptop down, accept where we’ve booked and leave it be. Our broadband is safe for now. And I cant handle a third new booking as ‘this place looks better’.

But then there is the trip after this one that needs planning! And the weekend we don’t have the kids, and the …. I think this might become an issue! 

Checkout how long you spend planning your next holiday? I bet its longer than you realise.