Lisbon nightlife, bars & clubs

Lisbon is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Portugal’s capital is well known for offering locals and tourists a huge range of options to go out. From bars and restaurants to nightclubs, you’ll surely find something that suits you in the streets of Lisbon.

A district of Lisbon that holds most of its bars and clubs is called , widely known as a bohemian area; the nightlife there is vibrant and always restless. Besides the bars and nightclubs, the district will offer tourists great restaurants, chapels and gardens. Just to list a few, Fragil and Incognito are two of the best clubs in Bairro Alto.

Located in downtown Lisbon. Hard Rock is also a famous club in in the city. Offering a mix of great music and food, the clubs decoration is astonishing, and the burgers are delicious. Whether you’re here to eat or just for the atmosphere, Hard Rock definitely is a great place to go out in Lisbon.

Portugal is well known for a music genre called fado. The genre consists of a classical guitar, and the vocalists bring a lot of emotion into their singing. If you want to eat in a sophisticated environment while enjoying some fado music you should head do Senhor do Vinho. Several singers perform live at the restaurant and the menu won’t disappoint.

Club Lux, a space partly owned by no one less than John Malkovich, is probably the most fashionable and coolest club in Lisbon, and maybe one of the hippest in Europe. Celebrities like Cameron Dias and Prince have partied here before. Besides the dancefloor, there’s a balcony and a terrace. The clubs DJs usually are top notch.

The docks region of Lisbon can also be a great destination for anyone in the mood for a drink in the late afternoon. Santo Amaro Docks will give you a bunch of bars and restaurants for you to choose from. And the view of the marine is hard to beat.

If you want something even more sophisticated you should head to Solar Vinho do Porto, a restaurant that offers a huge selection of Porto wines for you to try from. Here you can taste all the brands that you would otherwise only find in the city of Porto.

Lisbon’s nights really offer something for all tastes, whatever age you are, there’s something just right for you. Take a stroll around the city and explore the many options you have to choose from. You won’t regret it.