Funchal food Market, Portugal

The best fish and seafood can be procured all along the coastline and best eaten fresh as the catch of the day in many of the seafront cafes. Other Portuguese fresh delicacies can be found in the local food markets. As in most countries due to the advent of online shopping there has been a decline in local markets and Portugal is no different.   Here are a few examples still in operation and worth a visit for the sights, sounds and smells as well as the produce on offer.

Aljezur – is a small village, which is situated in the southern part of Portugal, and presents a picturesque reflection of the rural parts of Algarve. The centre of the area is a set of houses along with church complexes, with an enchanting Moorish castle on top of the town’s citadel. Besides its historical importance, the town is settled right in the vast sweet potato fields, they also hold a sweet potato festival in Oct/Nov. The local market is held next to the school Jardim-de Infancias, each month, on the 3rd Monday of the month 8am – 2pm. It is considered to be an ideal place to purchase fresh root vegetables, beans and sweet potatoes.

Estoril – is a town located on the coast near Lisbon is well renowned for its organic produce along with its non GM harvest. The have markets most days and several on the weekends but you should definitely look through the market at Avenida Padre Agostinho Pereira da Silva, which is held on the 1st & 3rd Sunday each month and opens at 7am until 5pm providing great opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Cascais – it is just one hour away from Lisbon and near to Estoril and is a resort town which hosts a market that is famed to have the best seafood and fish. The market is held in the town centre on Wednesday mornings and each weekend.

Estremoz – is a medieval village which is located in the area of Alentejo, inland from Lisbon closer to the Spanish border. There is a weekly Saturday morning market, which has a wonderful try everything atmosphere for any foodie. It sells specialty cheeses and cured meats along with copious olive oil and honey. Its held in the central square and there is also the usual fresh produce.

Braga – is one of the largest cities in northern Portugal. Though there are a number of food sellers offering their produce, the bustling and lively ‘mercado municipal’ in the commercial area, just outside the historic centre is the place to find the best produce. You can get all the fruit and veg you’ll ever need there and its open every weekday and Saturday mornings.