Tavira shopping, The algarve

The East Algarve city of Tavira is home to plenty of small craft and tourist shops, but if you really want the flex your credit cards, the place to head to is the Gran Plaza shopping centre, just on the outskirts of town.

This modern mall is shiny and spacious and also wonderfully quiet and peaceful, as long as you avoid the “post-beach rush” during the summer season, and rainy winter days when there’s little else to do!

Shops at Tavira Gran Plaza

The shops in Tavira Gran Plaza range include European chains such as Casa (for home wares), C&A (for clothes) and Worten (for electronics), as well as more upscale choices including Benetton and Intimissimi.

On the lower level of the mall, there is also a range of ever-changing pop-up stores, selling everything from local crafts and cosmetics to electronic cigarettes.

Continente at Tavira Gran Plaza

Much of Gran Plaza’s lower floor is taken up by a large Continente hypermarket, complete with fresh fish, meat and bakery counters, and a large wine section. You will also find a fair few imported products amongst the food items if there are some things from “home” that you just cannot do without.

Dining and Entertainment

 There are coffee bars dotted across Tavira Gran Plaza, but the upstairs food court offers plenty of choices, including Mexican, Italian and Chinese options. Le Boulangerie is particularly notable for fresh cakes and savouries, and fast food fans will want to check out Burger Ranch – Portugal’s own answer to McDonalds and Burger King!

Next to the food court, there’s a modern multi screen cinema for the Algarve’s (rare) inclement days, and there are play areas on both floors to keep kids entertained.

n.b. Thanks to the http://www.telegraph.co.uk for use of the image