Best things to do in Porto, Portugal

If you are looking for scenery, culinary, culture or anything else you can imagine, Porto is the place for you. Ranking as one of the biggest and most important cities in Portugal, the city of Porto offers tourist about anything they want, from museums and art galleries to cuisine.

Lovers of museums are in for a treat. The city has dozens of them, and a good one to start is Fundação de Serralves, a contemporary art museum. The museum is famous internationally and has art pieces dating from the 60s. Another option is Centro Português de Fotografia, a haven for lovers of photography. The museum was inaugurated in 1997, but it’s already well known in the city of Porto. Lastly, you might want to visit Museu Militar do Porto, a museum dedicated to the military history of Portugal. At the museum you’ll see weapons and other items depicting the history of Portugal’s army.

When you visit Porto, be sure to try one of the city’s traditional dishes. One of the musts is Tripas à moda do Porto, which is a dish made with many sorts of meat and beans. Portugal is also well known for having great dishes made with fish, so you definitely should try some.

Porto wine is also a must when visiting the city. The wine has a sweeter taste than most wine and it is also a little stronger, so hold your pace. If you go to any supermarket you’ll be amazed at the amount of options you’ll have to choose from. Additionally, some markets have someone at the wine section to help you choose the right one for you.

Nature enthusiasts have to visit Parque da Cidade, which is a huge park located in Porto, a perfect spot if you want to take a walk or just relax. The park is very close to a beach, giving you a great opportunity to watch the sun set in great style. There are a few bars near the shore so you can sit and appreciate the skyline.

The city also is filled with great bars and clubs. If you’re a Porto wine fan you should head to Solar do vinho do Porto, this sophisticated bar will give you a range of Porto wine brands for you to try. Fans of jazz and blues will have a great night at Hot Five, a great bar that offers live concerts.

Besides all of that, Porto is a beautiful city, with buildings with amazing architecture. From moderns ones like Casa da Música, a concert house, to churches and squares.

Porto really gives tourists whatever they want, so just be sure to organise yourself so you can see as much as you can when you’re visiting this wonderful city.