Azores - Terceira

The Terceira is the second most inhabited island of the Azores. The island is 17km wide and is 30km long.. The highest point on the island is situated in the Serra de Santa Barbara.

In around 1430 the area began being called the Island of Jesus Christ. It was recognised by Portuguese navigators as the third stop of the archipelago. Angra bay was important and was known as a stop for ships sailing between India, America and the rest of. Angra city was founded in 1534 and became a religious, political and economical center of the Azores.

The city was enriched with exotic spices and precious metals that made the island a constant target for the Flemish, French and English privateers. Due to its historical importance not only in maritime trade but strategically across the last 500 years during different conflicts it has been awarded status by UNESCO world heritage list.

Definitely worth a visit due to its history and architecture, such as the Sao Joao Baptista fort and the cities palaces and cathedral.

There are many festivals running through the summer months up to October and bull fighting season is from May to October. This is traditional in the form of arena bull fighting and also where the bull runs though the streets with a group of men – a sight to behold!