Sintra, Portugal at Sintra National Palace

In the metropolitan area of Lisbon you’ll find amazing villages to spend your time. There’s, for example, Cascais, Mafra, Oeiras and last but not least, Sintra. Ranking as the village with the most inhabitants in Portugal, Sintra is the perfect spot for tourists who want to experience both nature and culture.

In 1995, UNESCO named the Cultural Landscape of Sintra Portugal a World Heritage Site for its parks, gardens, monasteries, palaces and others. The mix of nature with the luxury that the palaces display is responsible for creating an incredible landscape that will impress any tourist.

Sintra dates back to 1154, so you can expect most buildings and architecture are reminiscent of ancient times. If you’re a history buff then you might want to research how Sintra Portugal’s early years, as a nation was born. Aside from that, the village is just gorgeous and full of attractions for people to see.

One of the most visited locations in the village is the Sintra National Palace. In fact, the building was the most visited palace in Portugal in 2008. It was once a royal residence and architecturally, it has gothic, medieval, manueline and romantic influences. The palace is amazingly beautiful and will not disappoint. If you want to see more palaces, Sintra is the place for you, to name a few, there’s Pena National Palace, Monserrate Palace and Queluz National Palace.

The Sintra Mountain is another attraction you cannot miss. Here you’ll be able to see some of the rich fauna from the area, which contains animals such as foxes, salamanders and vipers. The vegetation is also very unique and will catch the eye of anyone sightseeing in the region.

The Moors Castle is a must for anyone visiting Sintra. The medieval castle will amaze you in every single way. It was built in the 8th century, which is alone quite impressive. The castle is located at the top of Sintra Mountains, making it a strategic place to stand. You won’t find the same ‘detailing’ that you would in Sintra’s palaces, but the castle’s beauty lies in how it stands tall atop the mountain, facing the sky.

Lastly, there’s a different kind of wonder that can’t be missed in Sintra. The Praia Grande, or big beach, is a destination for summer holidays and a perfect beach for sports like surfing. The beach holds various sporting events each year; and one of them is the World Body Boarding Championship.

Not that many villages can go up against big cities such as Lisbon and Porto, but Sintra sure can. The location offers sights to all tastes, from its parks and palaces to the beaches. Find what’s best for you and dive in.

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