Why not ski Portugal's highest peak

The Serra da Estrela is Portugal’s largest mountain range and has the only skiing in Portugal. It is part of the national park and offers many varied activities all year round, so if you love the active outdoors this is the place for you!

The ski resort is open 9am – 5pm daily safe weather permitting, from November through to April and includes bank holidays. You can hire everything you need from the resort and there are plenty of ski and snowboarding classes available, which you can book directly in the resort. There is also a synthetic slope so you can ski all year round.

The kids can enjoy sledging and donuts on specially fenced off slopes. There are snowmobiling rides and snow walks organised with guides and you can even book at snow picnic at a dizzying altitude with amazing views!

There are hotels, chalets and a spa all located within the national park, Many visitor come for the fantastic air quality, due to the altitude there is zero pollution and makes this area a great retreat for those with respiratory problems.

There are many walking trails across the national park ranging from moderate to difficult walks with lots of climbing involved. You can also enjoy kayaking, rafting, fishing, extreme biking, horse-riding and paintballing.