Botequim da Mouraria in Evora

There are over 150 restaurants in the beautiful walled Alentejo city of Evora. This vibrant place has a large student population, and good (and inexpensive) food is easy to come by.

However, if you’re looking for a real dining experience, there’s really only one option, and that’s to visit Botequim da Mouraria.

Botequim da Mouraria has achieved something pretty special: It’s managed to rise to the top of TripAdvisor’s reviews section despite only having bar-style seating for ten people. As such, you really need to get there early or wait. Believe us when we say it’s worth it!

A charming gentleman who does everything from serving drinks to cooking runs the restaurant, usually solo. The way he keeps on top of everything is rather awe-inspiring, but he handles it all with aplomb.

This is particularly impressive when you taste the food on offer. Everything here is tapas-style (or “pesticos,” to use the correct Portuguese term).

The restaurant specialises in seasonal food, so this could mean asparagus omelettes made with spindly but delicious local asparagus during the spring season, or unforgettable suckling lamb. It’s best to let the owner make some suggestions, or ask for “whatever he’s having” if you spot something you like the look of in front of one of the other patrons!

Everything is complemented by an extensive Portuguese wine selection, and some great cheeses and cured meats. This isn’t just a place to eat, it’s a place to experience – and it’s not an experience you’ll ever forget.