Madeira, Portugal

The Madeira archipelago lies south of Portugal in the North Atlantic ocean, west from the Morocco coastline.

This group of islands includes Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and the Savage islands.

  • Madeira
  • Porto Santo

Desertas – is a small group of uninhabited rocky islands, 16 miles off the south east coast of Madeira. The islands are a nature reserve and the only visitors are geologists and wildlife wardens studying the seabirds, seals and few species of animals, which remain on these barren islands

Savage Islands – this group of small islands lie south between Madeira and the Canary islands. They were designated a nature reserve in 1971 and home to many species of sea bird. The only inhabitants are several wardens who work on the nature reserve for several weeks at a time. The islands are seldom visited, except by nature enthusiasts and specialists in wildlife study.

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