Cascais beach - a great day trip from Lisbon

Lisbon residents are lucky people indeed. As well as living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, they also have a range of beach resorts right on the doorstep. One of the best of these is the town of Cascais.

Getting to Cascais is half the fun, and the train from Lisbon’s Cais do Sodre station is the best way to do it. The forty-minute journey hugs the coast for almost its entire duration, and the views are simply incredible – so long as you make sure to sit on the correct side of the train. (For info, this is on the left, facing the direction of travel!)

Upon arrival in Cascais, there’s plenty to keep you entertained before you even arrive at the beach. The main pedestrianised area has a cosmopolitan feel, and hosts a wide variety of shops restaurants, with notable Thai and Indian options amongst the inevitable Portuguese seafood favourites.

During the summer months, the beaches here are not the place to find solitude. This is, after all, a city’s seaside playground, so the atmosphere is frenetic and vibrant.

The usual afternoon routine is to hit the wide seaside esplanade and join the throngs of people enjoying the picturesque walk between Cascais and the glamorous neighbouring resort of Estoril. The toughest decision is which of the many oceanfront bars and restaurants to pause at!

Trains back to Lisbon run until late in the evening, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy a leisurely evening meal as the sun goes down, and there are lots of late night bars and clubs, as well as the temptations of Estoril Casino for those who need some more nightlife.

Don’t let a trip to Lisbon go by without a trip out to Cascais. It’s as much a part of Lisbon’s capital as any area of the city itself. Once you’ve visited, you’ll probably think if worthy of a holiday in itself.