Port City Park

Just like any other capital, Porto offers a lot to its tourists and locals. Living in a bigger city can take a toll on anyone, and that is exactly why there’s a beautiful park known as Parque da Cidade. The City Park is perfect for tourists and locals to enjoy.

The Parque da Cidade is located by the seashore and away from the city center. Any bus will take you there, so it’s no problem at all getting to the park. Designed by Sidónio Pardal, the park is the biggest in Portugal, with over six miles of pathways. While you walk along them you can gaze at the animal and plant life that the park has to offer. At the lakes you’ll see swans, ducks and gooses, and in the vast fields you’ll see beautiful flowers and trees.

Some people like to ride their bikes in the park, so if you happen to have one to hand bring it with you, as you won’t regret it. The park is enormous, so by bike you will be able to see a lot more. Also, because of the park’s extensiveness, it rarely feels crowded. Pets are welcome too.

Another attraction in the park is the Sea Life Center. Founded in 2009, the Sea Life Center is an aquarium aimed at tourists to experience the wonders of sea life.

The aquarium had the first underwater tunnel in the country and allows for interaction with a few of the species on display. There are also temporary exhibitions and special events all year round.

The Pavilhão da água is a must sight in the City Park. Open for the public since 2002, and previously built for the 1998 Lisbon World Exposition, the building is quite impressive. Designed by Alexandre Burmester and José Carlos Gonçalves, the building seems to be suspended in the air!

After taking in all the wonders of this unique park, just head in the direction of the beach and spend the rest of your day watching the blue waves, or time your arrival so you get there by sunset. Simply beautiful!

The park along with the beach offers a perfect experience for any tourist looking for an interesting, yet relaxing day.