Fish Cataplana - eating out in Lagos, Portugal

I have to say I was amazed when I visited Lagos in terms of the food…its not somewhere I had considered as a foodie destination but I had some of the best food I’ve ever eaten…please don’t get me wrong I’m no food critic or connoisseur but I have enjoyed fine dining at lots of Michelin star restaurants, so I know good food when I taste it!

For a real tourist trap, pretty as it maybe you expect the usual holiday spot fare of English breakfasts, burgers, pizzas and chips and then more chips. No…everywhere I ate, from reasonably pricey restaurants to cheap beachfront cafés, I had lovely food…even good pizza!

If you love fish and seafood the Cataplana’s are a must as they are so fresh and tasty, a real hearty stew, which on a hot day you may think ‘no’ why would I want stew, but trust me its gorgeous – dig in. The fish skewers are bbq’d and delightful, meaty monkfish, chunky prawns and bream, then lobster with champagne sauce, well need I say more. If you are a meat lover I had the best chateaubriand of anywhere in the world I’ve ever eaten it, it was divine and of course for that bit of spice you have to try their piri piri chicken.

So all in all as a destination i never even considered for good food, you will be pleasantly surprised.