Top 10 kids activities in Portugal

When it comes to holidaying with the kids in toe, we understand the dilemma’s of keeping  them happy. Thankfully Portugal is well geared towards the family holiday, and the country (well the Algarve) has plenty.

kids activities in the algarve

Heres s list of the top ten activities to enjoy with the whole family while holidaying in Portugal’s most popular holiday destination of the Algarve:

  1. Lagos Zoo:

    An exciting place located in the picturesque countryside just outside Lagos. Lagos Zoo offers fun and an educational day for the whole family. Both kids and adults will have fun learning about more than 120 different species of animals and 200 botanical species located in the zoo. One of the favorites is the petting area with goats, ponies, donkeys, and various other animals. All the zoo animals are friendly and open to human interaction. The zoo also contains endangered species with information about their habitat and local conservation efforts.

  2. Silves Castle:

    An admirable Moorish citadel located on a hillside in Silves. The castle is one of the best preserved of Moorish fortresses that was built during the 11th Century by the Almoravids. It is the ideal place to learn about Portugal’s ancient past. The kids will have fun exploring the towers and walls of the citadel and playing in the beautiful garden located within the imposing Castelo de Silves.

  3. Barril and other beaches:

    Algarve is home to one of the most picturesque beaches in the world that come in an astounding varieties. Many of these beaches have been awarded “Blue Flag” eco status. You can sunbathe with bliss and serenity on the beautiful beaches of Ria Formosa, grotto beaches, and sandy beaches of Cabanas and Tavira. Praia da Barril, located west of Santa Luzia near Tavira, is one of our favorite beaches in the area.A blue flag beach, Praia da Barril is accessible through a floating walkway. A train ride takes you across the sandy island to the beach resort in just around 5 – 10 minutes. Rows of rusted anchors on the beach side serves as a reminder of the villages’ past as a bustling fishermen village. The beach was the site of a tuna fishermen’s village that has now been transformed into a holiday spot with various restaurants, shops, and delightful cafes in the area.

  4. Zoo Marine:

    Located near Albufeira near central Algarve, the amusement water park contains a variety of aquatic animals and marine life. You can watch fantastic animal shows that not only entertain you but also provide lots of information about aquatic animals and ecological themes. The main attractions of the park are the dolphin and sea shows that you should not miss while visiting the amusement park. The park contains a 4D cinema hall where you can watch educational movies regarding marine animals and their habitats. Overall, this amusement water park is an excellent place to enjoy quality time with the family and have a memorable fun filled day.

  5. Ria Formosa Natural Park:

    This picturesque and scenic lagoon landscape stretches 60km along the Algarve coastline that starts from Faro to the Cacela Velha village near Tavira. Tidal waves continue to shape the sand dunes, islands and sand bars of the area. You can enjoy an idyllic walk through the pine forests and sand islands of the natural park and explore the diverse animal species in the area. Some of the species that reside in the area include flamingoes, Portuguese water dogs, purple swamphen, golden oriole, and various other species.

  6. Pirate Ship Cruise:

    Pirates Ahoy! Take you little pirate to a delightful journey along the Algarve Coastline and experience the breathtaking beauty of one of the most picturesque spots in the world. It is a great way to educate your kids about the geography of the area and also have fun along the way.The cruise starts off from New Marina in Albufeira and sets sail westwards along the sandy beaches and cliffs of Castelo, Praia da Galé, and San Rafael. You can set sail, take a swim, enjoy barbecue lunch, and bathe in the sun while the kids explore the area to hunt for the hidden treasure.

  7. Pego de Inferno, near Tavira, East Algarve:

    A charming olive green lake adorned with a beautiful waterfall that enthralls all those who set eyes on the natural wonder. The natural lake has been the favourite place for the locals that now attracts a number of tourists to have quality time in this scenic spot.You can park at the top and take a stroll to the lovely waterfall that is hidden deep in the Asseca Valley. Although the path towards the Pego de Inferno Lake contains lots of slopes and steps, the journey towards the lake is well worth the effort.

  8. Cycling the Algarve:

    One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic views around Algarve is to take a cycling tour of the area. Since most of the area around Algarve is flat, you will not have any difficulty in cycling around the area.Moreover, there are dedicated cycle routes and maps to help you make your way around the beautiful towns and countryside of the area. These routes run across the area from Lagos to Tavira traversing length of the Algarve. If you don’t have time for a long trip, you can also choose to take short trips around your local area.

  9. Water Parks:

    Algarve contains four amusement water parks located along the West side of the area. You can have fun at Aqualand, Aquashow, Splash & Slide, and Atlantic Park. These water parks contain many fun filled activities that you can enjoy with your family. Adults can have fun riding fast, scary rides that are certain to create an exhilarating and thrilling experience. The kids, on the other hand, can have the best time of their lives with small slides, quad bikes, bouncing castles and even a Jacuzzi.

  10. Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours:

    This is the latest attraction in the area that allows you to watch the cute dolphins and gigantic whales from a comfortable distance. Many companies like Albufeira or Vilamoura marinas in the area take you for dolphin and whale watching tours along the coastline of Algarve for a charming way to watch these natural beauties in their natural settings.